Monday, August 2, 2010

Irish History and Literature HUM 111 Fall 2010

Texts for Irish History & Literature Humanities 111

The Course of Irish History, Moody & Martin, Roberts Rinehart Publishers, Boulder, Colorado

The New Oxford Book of Irish Verse, Thomas Kinsella, Ed.,Oxford University Press, New York

The Playboy of the Western World, J.M.Synge

Dubliners, James Joyce,

The GCC bookstore only has a few books in stock because the book is out-of-print, however inexpensive copies of the text, "The Course of Irish History" are available on Amazon here.
Please get the book; this text is required.

2990 3 units 8/30/2010 - 12/15/2010 Fr 9:10AM - 12:20PM AD217 Dennis M Doyle/ Dr.John Queen

Prerequisite: Eligibility for ENGL 101.

Transfer Credit: UC,CSU, USC

Humanities 111 is a broad-based, interdisciplinary team-taught course that covers the entire history of Ireland: its mythology, folklore, art, music, literature, and major political events. The course also focuses on the impact of Irish culture on England, Europe, Spain, Canada, and the United States through the centuries. Through assigned readings, discussions, and writing, the students gain critical insights into the causes and consequences of Ireland's turbulent history and struggle for independence as well as its literary and sociopolitical contributions to world culture and civilization.