Monday, October 26, 2009

The Red-haired Man's Wife

The Red-haired Man's Wife

Ye muses divine, combine and lend me your aid
To pen these few lines for I find my heart is betrayed
By a maiden most fair, who was dear unto me as my life,
But from me she has flown and is known as the red-haired man's wife.

I straight took my way next day through a shady green grove,
And crossed hurling streams, where sweet birds mostly do rove
In the glade of a shade where nature displays her delight
I stood all amazed - and gazed on the red-haired man's wife.

I remember the day that I gave to you my true heart,
When you solemnly swore that no more we ever would part
But your mind's like the ocean, each notion has taken her flight
And leaves me alone to moan for the red-haired man's wife.

A letter I sent by a friend down to the sea-shore,
To let her understand I'm the man that does her adore,
And if she would but leave that slave I'd forfeit my life,
She'd live like a lady and ne'er be the red-haired man's wife.

I offered a favour and sealed it with my own hand,
She thus answered, instead - would you lead me to break a command
Please sir, be easy - let nature not cause so much strife
I was given away - and will stay as the red-haired man's wife.


Delia Titzell said...

What a beautiful piece of poetry :)

Delia Titzell said...
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